3D Elements for Presentation
Our 20 minute presentation to the committee included 3D elements. From left to right, our package included:

1. Box for Head Members including stickers, customized puck, marketing plan, playing cards, banner, take home cards, mini poster, and shirt sticker.

2. Playing hockey cards for each member of the week

3. Take home cards for kids

4. Mini billboard

5. Integrated Marketing Plan

6. (Bottom) Large Poster Sign
Final Finger Lakes Freeze Logo
Finger Lakes Freeze chose this logo for their new girls team based off of the Canandaigua Knights co-ed team. This logo will be used on sweaters, pucks, promotional items, stickers, and any of the teams merchandise. The logo was created with the help of Dixon Schwabl Advertising's employees during my internship as a creative intern.
Finger Lakes Freeze Poster
Promotional poster used for the Finger Lakes Freeze Girls team. Hung in schools, sports arenas, stadiums, etc.
Take Home Cards
Promotional take home cards to be handed out at Canandaigua Knights games and in schools. (front and back)
Finger Lakes Freeze Option 1
I present four logo options for Finger Lakes Freeze Hockey Club.
This logo uses the Canandaigua Knights as inspiration. The shield references the Knights logo to show where this team began. The contrast in color makes this logo pop off any surface.
Option 1 Gear
Finger Lakes Freeze Option 2
The lynx makes a perfect mascot for these hockey girls. The lynx embraces the fierceness of the players. A strong trend in sport branding is the concept of having a logo that includes a mascot, then using only the mascot on merchandise.
Option 2 Gear
Finger Lakes Freeze Option 3
The circular nature of this logo represents the puck, while the hockey sticks break up the space. This logo has depth and dimension while maintaining legibility. It is also very versatile in its uses.
Option 3 Gear
Finger Lakes Freeze Option 4
We feel that these logo options give a modern, yet still traditional, approach to this new team’s branding and will stand out among the competing teams. The four logos that we have presented you with encompass the idea that Finger Lakes Freeze Hockey Club is empowering strong girls and guiding them to become stronger women.
Option 4 Gear
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