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Sweet Caroline

Typeface Design

Typeface Design with Kris Holmes



I have been a teaching assistant for Kris Holmes' Typeface Design class at RIT for one year. Before becoming her teaching assistant, I took Typeface Design 1 and 2. Students had to submit a sample of thier best calligraphy to be accepted into her class. Fortunately, I was accepted and able to work with her to create two typefaces. My first typeface is called Sweet Caroline. It is a bubbly typeface with a lot of character. This typeface was created to be used as a display face and emphasise words within a body of type. My second typeface is named after my brother and called, Treyberto. This typeface is a body type for Sweet Caroline. It uses similar edges and curves as Sweet Caroline so that they look cohesive side by side. Her class has taught me how to create typefaces as well as create a system of typographic elements that can be used in design. 

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