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Team Trey Campaign




In October of 2014 my brother, Trey, was diagnosed with Metachromatic Leukodystrophy. This is a campaign for Team Trey, who is working to raise funds for my brother and his disease. The campaign consists of four parts. The first part is Team Trey Butler's MLD Strong. Team Trey Butler can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and in print. The main focus behind this part is that you are stronger when you know about MLD. Together a community can find a cure for MLD - MLD Strong. The second part of the campaign is Butler Blue. This unites the community by showing that a color is representative of a bigger idea. Butler Blue spreads awareness and hope. The third part to the Team Trey Campaign is, Tie the Town for Trey. Team Trey sold blue ribbons to "Tie The Town". Proceeds from this part of the campaign toppled over $6,000. The final piece to this campaign is Letters for Leukodystrophy. Letters for Leukodystrophy connects Greek Life across the nation with letters baring blue ribbons for MLD. The proceeds from this part of the campaign benefit the MLD Foundation. Overall, Team Trey has raised over $10,000 and has over 1,100 likes on Facebook. The following and support that Team Trey has brought my family is inspiring.

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