Angel Love Designs Branding
Angel Love Designs is an upcoming company based out of New Jersey. They produce handmade soaps and lotions with all natural ingredients. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to brand the company and work on packaging for them.
Biotic Steel
Designed for a workplace that will be growing as well as structured.
The Ski Company November Newsletter
This is the front page of the November 2013 newsletter that The Ski Company sent out across New York state. It happens to be my favorite because I was given complete design freedom with the center spread.
The Ski Company November Newsletter
Page 2 of the November Newsletter.
The Ski Company November Newsletter
Here is the center spread of the 2013 November Newsletter. I incorporated a lot of the elements that The Ski Company was already using to keep it consistent with the rest of the newsletter. This became one of The Ski Company's favorite newsletters that they have ever sent out - as well as one of mine!
Rochester Software Associates
This advertisement went into In-Plant Graphics Magazine's May 2013 Issue.
Rochester Software Associates
This advertisement was used online as well as in the Xerox Playbook.
Reporter Magazine May 2014
As a designer for RIT's Reporter Magazine, I create spreads in a limited amount of time - about a 3 days. This article was for the May 2014 Issue.
Reporter Magazine April 2014
Illustrations are given to the designers of Reporter Magazine. As well as a color scheme and typefaces. This layout is simple, yet colorful.
Rudolph Red Wine
My father makes wine every year at a vineyard on Keuka Lake. The red wine is then bottled in recycled bottles and given out to friends and family. This is the front of the 2013 label. The back features the butt silhouette of the reindeer.
Jaclyn Molloy Photography Logo
Emma Siegel Photography Logo
Bailey Tam Resume
Courtney Sciotti Resume
Jessica Hische Informational Paper
Jessica Hische Informational Paper
As a senior in high school I enrolled in the IB Art program. This was my keynote piece in the art show.
My younger cousin photographed using my Canon Rebel XTi.
Victor Cares Carnival 2011
The Victor Cares Carnival benefits VCS community members with health issues. This design was made into banners, shirts, and posters.
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